Snapchat’s New Emojis: #lifechanging

As per a Mashable article, Snapchat rolled out a whole new set of emojis earlier on Monday (Mangalindan, 2015). After much criticism for removing their “Best Friends” feature, the company believes its latest set of emojis will “change your life” (Mangalindan, 2015).

As per the Snapchat images below, the emojis are a good fit for Beyoncé’s various captions and definitely adds some spark to the snap.

Snapchat Images

(Mangalidan, 2015)

(Mangalidan, 2015)

Unlike the “best friends” feature, only the user itself will be able to see the emoji for their friend.

If we didn’t have enough drama in our lives to begin with, here’s another thing to add to the plate. Through the assigned emojis, you’ll be able to see if your snapchat bf has a snapchat bf other than you! #ouch (Snapchat friends: The new emoji update explained, 2015)

Similar to the previous “best friends” feature, users were always creeping their friends to see who they snapchat with the most. At least the new emojis will not specify who your best friend snacpchats the most with, but you will merely just know someone else exists.

Is this really as #lifechanging as Snapchat claims? If knowing who are frenemies are is all that makes our day, we sure lead sad lives.

A way the app could be a little more – well, lifechanging, is by allowing users to use emojis from the Bitstrip app. Bitstrip allows you to create your own customized emojis using characters and props (About, n.d.).


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2 thoughts on “Snapchat’s New Emojis: #lifechanging

  1. elodieegersperger says:

    I also wrote a blog on the new launch of snap chat emojis! I think this new feature is going to cause an uproar for some people! While this could be considered “life changing” for those who are always dying to find out the top best friends that isn’t you, it would be more life changing if these emojis were public. Maybe that is the next step and launch for Snapchat. Making this feature public, so that everyone could see your best friends and top snappers would really shake things up! While this new feature is exciting, I personally liked the old best friends feature as you could see exactly who your friends were snapping and how many times, as there snap score would rise. I believe Snap chat has a lot more in store for us and I cant wait to find out whats next for this great social media app!


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