Whatsapp’s Latest Feature – Voice Calling

Since acquired by Facebook in February 2014, the popular messaging app is expanding its services greatly (Hartung, 2014). After introducing the web platform earlier this year, it now has rolled out a voice calling feature. The feature was rolled out for Android users last month and will now be expanded to the IOS platform (Bell, 2015).

Similar to the web application, the voice calling feature will rely on a wifi or data connection. Like Skype and Viber, users will not be charged for minutes (i.e. from their phone carrier), thus making it easier for users to connect with others across the globe.

As an android user, I have already been able to use the voice calling feature. It’s definitely convenient to call someone right from the app itself – especially if you notice you’re having a lengthy conversation over text. I think the app should look into video calls as that would be a great new feature and will allow it to take on Skype.

Included below is an image of how the feature looks like on an Android device.

Voice Calling Through Whatsapp


(Khandelwal, 2015)

Along with voice calling, the app has also introduced its own sharing extensions. Through these extensions, users will be able to share images, videos, and links from other platforms (i.e. Youtube) to their Whatsapp contact.

If you’ve tried the new voice calling feature, what did you think?


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One thought on “Whatsapp’s Latest Feature – Voice Calling

  1. kabeerpanesar says:

    I was going through my phone recently and noticed that Whatsap had a little phone button on top of a contacts name. The curiosity came out of me and before I knew it I was calling a friend without having an explanation to why I was calling them.

    This feature is great for people who use Whatsap consistently. I am a consistent Whatsap user and when I got a new phone it was hard for me to replace all my contacts but Whatsap had them saved from before through my account. Now with the calling feature it makes it easier to stay connected to your peers without having their number.

    With features like sharing extensions, it makes it easier to send pictures while on the phone and makes it user friendly without having to switch back and forth through apps. Whatsap has eliminated the frustration of using a phone and sending pictures and videos while talking to someone.

    One feature I hope to see in the future are video calls through Whatsap. They have already lead in messenger apps and now have added phone calls. Video features would be great addition as it is already widely used by users.

    Kabeer Panesar


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